Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Source Engine Scripts

Over the past year I have been tinkering with the Source Engine's developer console available in many of Valve's popular games. It started out as just a curiosity, but after seeing how powerful it could be I started collecting scripts from around the web. There are many scripts out there to automate game tasks, but my favorite part about the scripting engine is the ability to make these games more enjoyable by customizing them to my liking. Please note that I did not necessarily write all of these scripts. I did write some of them, while others I just collected and adapted to my liking. I have included a list of features and things that I have been able to do through these scripts are listed below.

Compatible Games

Family-Friendly / Safe For Work:
  • Toggle voice chat - (Enable/disable to avoid spam or offensive language)
  • Toggle text chat (Show/hide the in-game text chat)
  • Disable HTML MOTDs (Save time and bypass ads or undesired images)
  • Disable player sprays (No more being forced to see what other players spray)

Convenience Features:
  • FPS Toggle (Enable/Disable the displaying of current Frames Per Second)
  • High Jump (Perform a duck-jump by pressing a single key)

If you need any help setting these scripts up, or if you have any questions please leave a comment!

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