Thursday, April 22, 2010


Featured: Xmarks

Xmarks is a bookmark syncing tool that helps keep your bookmarks the same and up-to-date on all of your computers and browsers. Before I used Xmarks, I never really found bookmarks to be very useful, because I would bookmark something at home, and then would want to access it while at work or school, or any other number of variations. Today, I use my bookmarks countless times a day, and wonder how I ever got along without them. Xmarks has extensions to integrate with all major browsers directly for painless synchronization; a must have! They also provide a website with an online version of all your bookmarks so you can have complete access even when you are away from your personal computer, or on a browser/device that is currently unsupported.

Reasons to use Xmarks:
  • Keep all your browser's bookmarks in sync with each other.
  • Have access to your entire collection of bookmarks anywhere through the My Xmarks site.
  • Xmarks makes a backup with each change that you can view or revert back to when those little accidents happen.
  • Xmarks also makes it easy to share your collection of bookmarks (or select ones) with friends through email, rss, or a webpage.

TIP - One cool way to use your new and improved bookmarks is to set your browser to show its toolbar, make a copy of your most used bookmarks onto it, and then modify the new copies by removing their names. This leaves you with only the "favicon" (The little picture that usually shows up on the tab or by the address bar, describing the current site.) showing, and allows you to have many, many more bookmarks available to you with just a simple click.

Small Favicon Bookmarks Bar

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