Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Quix Bookmarklet

Featured: Quix

To use my customized quix bookmarklet, simply drag "Quix" to your bookmarks bar. For a list of available commands and functions, please read quix help, or simply type "help" in the quix textbox after opening the bookmarklet.

Today I am going to introduce you to Quix, a singe bookmarklet with multiple functions. For those who are unaware as to what a bookmarklet is, it is a snippet of javascript code that is typically stored in a bookmark (or favorite) that can be used simply by opening that favorite. These bookmarklets can perform many tasks to enhance your web-browsing experience, such as: Toggle radio buttons on the current page, count the number of characters you have entered in each text box, serve as a shortcut to search things; in short, just about anything you can imagine that has to do with web-browsing.

Quix is handy because it serves as a command line of sorts, allowing you to perform many tasks with only 1 javascript bookmarklet. Quix will work on any browser that can interpret javascript, thus making it usable on just about any platform, even the iPhone/iPod Touch!

Quix also has the feature to allow others to add to its functionality by including a specially formatted text file into the bookmarklet, as I have done with the link at the top of the post. For more information on how to add your own customizations and functionality, please read the quix customization page found on their website.

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